6:00 PM-7:40 PM


Korundi House of Culture

Ida Paul & Kalle Lindroth

IDA PAUL & KALLE LINDROTH EMBARK ON THEIR FINAL TOUR FOR NOW Finland's most charming duo, Ida Paul and Kalle Lindroth, are releasing eagerly awaited new music and announcing an autumn tour, which will be their last for the foreseeable future. The "Together, Once More" tour follows the highly successful spring "Together & Apart" concept tour. This autumn, the duo will perform as a pair, without a backing band. The single "Together," which tells the story of a powerful connection between two people, returns to Ida and Kalle's roots and offers a preview of the complete work to be released before their final tour. "'Together' is our first pure love song in a while, continuing the themes and atmosphere of songs like 'Planeetat.' The song also has another layer; from the beginning, we've created songs together and toured as a duo. Although more people have joined the tour lineup and production over the years, the core has always remained the same," the duo explains. The continuously popular live duo will be taking a long hiatus next year. However, before the break, fans can still enjoy new music from the pair. "We've been doing this together for nearly ten years and are grateful for the amazing moments we've shared with our listeners. Some things need to come to a close to make space for new ones. Taking a break after nine years of writing and touring together is a huge and emotional decision. We've shared laughter and tears with our audience, and many have even gotten engaged at our shows – a warm community has formed around us, which means a lot to us. We want to cherish all that light and beauty in our autumn shows and new music. We still have a few stories to tell, so we'll see you once more," say Ida and Kalle. Known for their organic sound, big pop melodies, and relatable lyrics, the duo has a collection of hits that have touched audiences for nearly a decade. Their catalog includes numerous singles that have achieved double platinum, platinum, and gold status, the double platinum debut album "Nää kaikki kertoo susta," the platinum second album "Vuonna nolla," and the gold third album "Koko maailma meidät näkee." Over the years, the duo has also garnered four Emma nominations and sold out concert halls and clubs across Finland. In May 2022, the duo performed a sold-out concert at Helsinki's Jäähalli. Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes with intermissions Tickets: €35.50, including service fees
Kulttuuritalo Korundi, Lapinkävijäntie 4, 96100 Rovaniemi