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Korundi House of Culture

Loppukevennys (FIN)

Loppukevennys is the creation of the same team that brought the Saikkua trilogy, which toured Finland for over ten years. The new show is written by Kalle Pylvänäinen, Ville Keskilä, and Jukka Rasila, and directed by Otto Kanerva. For over 40 years, MTV Uutiset has concluded its evening news broadcast with light-hearted segments. Initially intended to provide a cheerful counterbalance to serious news, these segments have become an essential part of Maikkari's news broadcasts. Over the years, the general public has come to recognize the significance of a "loppukevennys" (a light-hearted ending) in the news. These segments have been parodied, evoking various emotions from viewers, and have occasionally caused news anchors to burst into laughter. Loppukevennys takes place in a newsroom. The creative team has once again found an endless source of stories and jokes. Otto Kanerva is enthusiastic about the new concept: “This idea arose from a need. The guys wanted to develop a new theme, leading to Loppukevennys. The setting is a newsroom, capturing the spirit of Mika Tommola's light-hearted segments. It’s a sketch and comedy theater performance that starts with news. Maikkari has a new news studio, but we strongly believe Yle will soon follow. Loppukevennys tells the story of one night in the newsroom, with all the sketches and comedy built around it. We’ve approached it with the intent of making it fun. This is a collaborative project where we all have a bit of a directing role, but I get the final say—maybe, I’m not sure? The show also evolves significantly based on audience experiences on the road,” says Kanerva with a smile. The press release promises that Loppukevennys takes the audience straight into the heart of a bustling newsroom, where even the anchors are hot. The actors promise to change characters as often as Mika Tommola changes his beanie. This liberating performance will take the audience to Pornaisten Only Fans vocational school, share the latest updates from Jukka and Mirva’s Amazing trip, and delve into the think tank where Tauski realized it’s “just you” and not “anyone.” Leave your pine needles on the trail and head to the newsroom. Loppukevennys is pure entertainment and trail rage! Starring Jukka Rasila, Kalle Pylvänäinen, and Ville Keskilä. Production: Iltama.fi Iltama.fi Language of the performance: Finnish Tickets: Adults: €33.50 Children, Students, and Seniors: €29.50 Prices include service fees. Duration: Approximately 2 hours, including intermission.
Kulttuuritalo Korundi, Lapinkävijäntie 4, 96100 Rovaniemi