7:00 PM-8:20 PM


Korundi House of Culture


Lyyti, who has released three albums, has charmed audiences across Finland in recent years with her dazzling band. Known for her songs that touch listeners of all ages and her vibrant performances that bring the stories of her songs to life, Lyyti's concerts are a shared emotional journey. Together, the audience experiences joy and pain through tears, laughter, dancing, and sing-alongs. Lyyti's music combines poignant lyrics with brilliant instrumentation and production. Award-winning songs like "Mihin voi soittaa?" and "Ennätyshelteet" have come to represent the experiences of a young generation growing up in an uncertain world. Yet, the core message of Lyyti's music is about finding hope, even from seeds buried in the deepest mud. Lyyti's acclaimed third album, Nousussa, is an enchanting journey from the depths towards the light. The album earned three Emma nominations, and the song "Ennätyshelteet" was awarded the Juha Vainio Society's "Lyric of the Year" prize. “It's rare to witness a concert that leaves you utterly captivated, amazed, and filled with happiness.” — Helsingin Sanomat, 17.10.2021 Duration: Approximately 80 minutes, no intermission. Tickets: Starting from €20, including service fees.
Kulttuuritalo Korundi, Lapinkävijäntie 4, 96100 Rovaniemi