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Lapinkävijäntie 4
FI-96100 Rovaniemi
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Korundi is located in Rovaniemi along the northbound Highway 4. The massive red-brick building of the mail truck depot, built in 1933, is a good landmark when navigating to Korundi. This building, now home to the House of Culture, is one of the few buildings in Rovaniemi that survived the Second World War. Korundi is situated within walking distance of the Rovaniemi city centre, close to the bus and train stations. The Revontuli Shopping Centre is located right next to Korundi House of Culture.

Lapinkävijäntie 4, 96100 Rovaniemi.
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Car parking at Korundi’s main entrance is free of charge inside the fences. There are a limited number of parking spaces and please note that some of the parking spaces are reserved for staff. More parking spaces are also available at the Revontuli Shopping Centre located near Korundi. 

There are separately marked parking spaces for persons with reduced mobility near the entrance. 


You can enter Korundi from both the south and north doors. Korundi’s exterior doors are electrified. 

Assistants are entitled to free admission to exhibitions, events and concerts. We charge a service fee 1,00€ / concert ticket.

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome to Korundi and the exhibitions.


Korundi’s lobby area has a self-service cloakroom and lockers that are free of charge. Korundi is not responsible for any items left on the coat racks.


The exhibition spaces are located on two floors. The elevators are located under the stairs when entering to the exhibition hall and also at the end of the exhibition hall.

Restrooms and accessible toilets

Women’s and men’s toilets are located in Korundi’s lobby area. The accessible toilet is located in the lobby next to the coat racks. There is a gender-neutral toilet in the Korundi lobby.

Baby care room

The baby care room is located in Korundi’s lobby with the accessible toilet. Strollers are available for loan.

Filming in Korundi

You can take photographs in Rovaniemi Art Museum for your personal use. You may also publish photos on social media - don’t forget to tag us in your photos #korundi @korundihouse.

Photography, videography and recordings are generally not permitted at events and concerts without separate authorisation.

Korundi hall

Korundi Hall has 340 seats. 

The hall has 17 rows of seats, with 20 seats in each row. The hall has an ascending auditorium, but the rows 1 and 2 and the two last rows, 16 and 17, are on the same level. 

Korundi Hall has three wheelchair spaces located on the right in rows 16 and 17 when entering through the hall’s left-side door.

Please note that the sound volume at concerts and events may temporarily exceed normal levels. Please use earplugs or hearing protectors if you wish.

Audio induction loop in Korundi Hall

Korundi Hall has an audio induction loop and Korundi’s customer service has a service point loop. These allow listening with the ‘T’ setting of hearing aids enabled.

See the coverage map of Korundi Hall’s audio induction loop here:



Korundi hall seat map



Korundi floor maps

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About the accessibility statement

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Feedback and contact information

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Accessibility complaint and accessibility evaluation request

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