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We are continually developing our daily operations to be more responsible. Environmental responsibility means concrete actions in our own operations.

We are committed to saving natural resources and increasing positive environmental impacts on our journey towards more environmentally responsible operations. The ingredients used in our restaurants come from as close by as possible, and in our museum shops, you will find products from small local producers. We also prefer local partners.

Korundi has been granted the EcoCompass Certificate and Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label. Sustainable Travel Finland is a national sustainable travel programme managed by Visit Finland and the label is a recognition of valuable and long-term work for sustanable tourism. It takes into account environmental, socio-cultural, and economic sustainability.

Our Environmental Commitment in Korundi

  • Considering and developing sustainability issues are part of our daily operations and values.

  • We aim to demonstrate our commitment to the continuous improvement of environmental management and thereby minimize the environmental impacts associated with our business through concrete actions.

  • We recycle whenever possible and continuously strive to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

  • We recycle burnable waste, plastic, bio-waste, glass, metal, paper, coffee grounds, cardboard, fats, hazardous waste such as batteries, and electrical appliances.

  • We consider environmental and sustainability perspectives when making purchases and investments.

  • We prefer reusable products, using disposable products only for hygiene reasons.

  • We prioritize local and nearby artists and producers in our museum shop products.

  • In advertisements and print work, we favor local entrepreneurs and aim to minimize paper materials.

  • We keep records of hazardous waste, such as batteries, and have switched to rechargeable models.

  • We encourage customers to recycle waste and have installed various recycling points in public areas.

  • We maintain environmental awareness within our work community through regular communication and various initiatives.

  • We communicate about responsibility and sustainable practices to customers and stakeholders through various channels.

  • In partner selection, we prefer local expertise and services.

Café, Lunch, and Catering

  • We strive to reduce food waste in our daily restaurant operations, which include lunch, café services, and catering for various events.

  • We always offer a vegetarian option for lunch, cafe products and catering.

  • Lunch leftovers can be purchased through the ResQ app.

  • We participate in food waste campaigns, such as Waste Week.

  • Sustainability themes are highlighted in our restaurant. For example, we use recycled furniture, recycled napkins at lunch, and signs that encourage taking food only as much as you can eat.

  • We highlight the characteristics of our products on-site, such as labels for local, organic, or Fair Trade products.

  • We use clean ingredients and local products as much as possible, such as reindeer, small fish, whitefish, rainbow trout, ice cream, some sparkling wines, and beers.

  • We favor local creators and collaborate with local actors. For example, we bake popular banana bread from surplus bananas from a local grocery store.

  • We avoid using disposable dishes whenever possible and prefer biodegradable materials.

  • Meeting water is high-quality tap water instead of bottled water.

  • We encourage event and meeting customers to always collect advance registrations so that catering products are in just the right amount.