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Season programme

Abel Puustinen

1st Concertmaster

Abel Puustinen, the first concertmaster of the Lapland Chamber Orchestra and thus a violinist, has recently moved to Rovaniemi. He does not shy away from throwing himself into the depths of the Internet to find the treasures of classical music online. In addition to this hobby, Puustinen is an active chamber and orchestra musician. He is a sought-after leader.  Recent years he has played also in the Helsinki City Orchestra, the Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra.

As a passionaet chamber musician Puustinen has performed on numerous immemorial festivals both in FInland and abroad with many inspiring colleagues. Balancing between his freelance-career and studies, Puustinen has performed as a soloist of most predominant orchestras of our country, most recently with Lapland Chamber Orchestra, Jyväskylä Sinfonia and Kuopio Symphony Orchestra.

Puustinen, who graduated with a master's degree in music at the Royal College of Music in London under the direction of violinist Jan Repko, returned to Finland in the spring of 2020 and has since found himself back to the books of the Sibelius Academy under Antti Tikkanen.

Giovanni Battista Guadagnini's violin, kindly quoted by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, also brings great joy and pride to Puustinen's artistic work. The Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Wihuri Foundation have supported his artistic journey towards deeper wisdom and understanding of the real differences in geographical chords.